For the past year or so Rolls Royce have been performing an in depth review of all their approved suppliers, this is because the Rolls Royce standards and requirements have become considerably more stringent with respect to quality and performance measures and Rolls Royce felt it necessary to completely re-evaluate their entire supplier records for the future.

Metspin Ltd are one of the very few suppliers to Rolls Royce for Manual and Power metal spinning and were surveyed in 2015, we are very pleased to announce that our re-evaluation audit has been completely successful and once again Metspin can continue to supply Rolls Royce with the high quality spinning’s and services as demanded.

This re-evaluation coincides with Metspin receiving the ISO9001:2008 certification in December 2015, holding these two prestigious certificates put Metspin in a very favourable position to expand our operational manufacturing activities which is in the supplying of precision metal spun and flow formed component parts for the aerospace and commercial aircraft industries along with many other industries including nuclear and pharmaceutical components and also gas/oil industries and filtration manufacturers and suppliers.