“Where do you go to get parts made like this? Who has the knowledge, skills and expertise in the art of metal spinning? Who can design and manufacture all the tooling that would be required? Who can take on this type of challenge?”

These are the many questions Richard Noble and his design team of engineers kept asking. The name of Metspin Ltd kept being mentioned – renowned in the world of Drag Racing and Hot Rodding, Formula one and Vintage and Veteran Car restoration circles for their manufacturing of fuel tanks, moon discs and wheel rims and Carburettor Venturis, Contact was made.

Can you manufacture everything we need and will the intake Venturis stand up to speeds in excess of 850 MPH plus and can you have it all built for us in 10 weeks? Metspin Aerospace Division accepted this challenge and the rest is history!


Once again Richard Noble calls upon the unique expertise of Metspin Master Craftsman. This time Richard Noble’s private aircraft has been grounded due to a disintegrating propeller nose cone. As usual Richard can ill afford to have his aircraft out of commission as he has to fly all over Europe to attend various important meetings.

Within days the historic and vintage and veteran aircraft restoration wing at Metspin Ltd complex moves into action. Ten days later the new Spinner nose cone is ready and waiting on the shelf alongside some similar spun components for world war II fighter aircraft, such as for Spitfires and Hurricanes.

For many years now Metspin’s craftsmen have been in demand for manufacturing components for museums of aviation history and individual collectors and restorers of the worlds aviation heritage of bygone years.

Why don’t you take advantage of our unique service and join our roll of satisfied customers such as Richard Noble and The Fighter Collection at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford.
Tally Ho Chaps… Chocks Away.