We recently received an unusual request from the Kent and Sussex Crematorium at Royal Tunbridge Wells – apparently they wanted their own custom made, flower containers manufactured. It all started out with them requiring just the spun aluminium vase, but like most projects they added further requirements.

We provided several prototypes for them to evaluate and eventually a profile was chosen and the manufacturing of the vases commenced. It was decided that the base of the vase should be convex, to achieve this our tool making facilities were assigned to manufacture a set of spring loaded ejector form tools – samples were sent to our customer, for them to approve and a decision was made as to what was required. By now we were well into the manufacturing of the total order of 100=off when we were asked if we could get them painted. Here again we were involved with a lot of running around, contacting many of our sub-con painters and eventually we selected a painter best suited for this work. We had to go through various colours and shades; finally ending up with a colour called Plum which we must admit does look “the business”

We thought that we were all sorted when our customer then asked if we could put their name on the vase at the top. This is an area that we had not got involved in before, however we made contact with many engravers and hot foil stamping companies and it was beginning to look like we were going to have to pass on this requirement, when it was suggested that screen printing may be suitable for what our customer required.

Several samples of Screen Printing were sent to our customer, like most customers – Can we have more words and what size can they be, along with what other colours are available? Several days pass by where art work is being passed around and eventually the art work is agreed. This is the time that when a project is finished and the final touches are completed, it either makes the detail look superb or as in this case it makes the details look like a work of art! Which it is!

Without delay the consignment was packed for shipment to our customer, we advised our customer that after resolving all their requirements their goods have been dispatched to them. Several days later we received a phone call from our customer who could not find the words to express his appreciation when he opened up the shipment of vases we had manufactured for him.

“I have just opened up the packing crate with great trepidation as to what I might find inside, needless to say all my concerns were unwarranted, your attention to detail is beyond reproach, indeed your craftsmanship and professionalism is of the highest standard. Your manufactured parts compliment our display of floral tributes, alongside our stonemason’s monuments and displays”

It is always a pleasure to receive such favourable response from our customer who truly appreciates the time and effort that has been devoted to their project.

Over the past couple of years we have supplied many Brass, Copper, Lead and Stainless Steel Christening Bowls, Candle Stick Holders, Snufflers, Chalices and ornate Collection Plates; this is just another bespoke service that we offer to our worshipful clientele.