All over the country many kitchen and corporate hotel designers are pushing the boundaries of lighting extravaganza, as the sizes and designs get more challenging, it requires the knowledge and skills of a bespoke manufacturer – such as Metspin Limited who have a dedicated lighting division within the Metspin organisation, committed to the manufacturing of unique metal spun lighting shades and canopies, the range that they can encompass is possibly the largest that can be found in the UK. Many well known household names and celebrities have given instructions to their engaged designers as to how they would like their kitchen or lobby lighting to look.

The Rt Honourable David Cameron, along with his charming wife Samantha, possibly chose such a form of lighting that they would like to have in their surroundings. In this particular instance (Main Picture) we are looking at a two part spun aluminium assembly, consisting of a spun flower pot top, placed on a lower shade profile that has a high gloss, brilliant white, internal finish, with a clear lacquered outside finish, over a satin brushed exterior surface.

Now the benefit of this type of lighting is that the height from the work surface can be adjusted to suit ones preference when working on the work top, Our lighting manufacturing division would be delighted to receive enquiries from designers who seek guidance or advice on their proposed project.